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  •  Classic Full Set                                       $60                      Touch-up/ fill         $25
  •  Mix set (classic and volume)              $85                      Touch-up/ fill         $45
  •  Volume Set                                               $100                    Touch-up/ fill         $50
  •  Eyelash Removal                                    $15
  •  Mobile Service                                        $45


*Please remember; no touch-ups/fills if you have less than 50% of the last set or after 4 weeks no exceptions

(regular prices will apply)
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Additional info

Having thick and lush eyelashes is no longer something that only those who luck out on genes have. With eyelash extensions, you don’t have to live with your sparse eyelashes anymore. Just like you can get hair extensions, you can also get eyelash extensions that will add some volume to your natural eyelashes and make them look more attractive and dense.

Eyelash extensions are an ideal option for anyone looking to spice up their outlook or who wants to add some extra volume and body to their natural eyelashes. Unlike fake eyelashes, eyelash extensions appear more natural, are easier to maintain as you don’t need to worry about putting them on every day and are more cost-effective, as the extensions last for a longer period with proper care.

Depending on the thickness of your natural eyelashes and your desired effect, you can opt for a natural look, “Classic Set,” our Lavish “Volume Set” or the “Mix Set” which is the best of both worlds.

Common Misconceptions

Contrary to common belief, eyelash extensions are not all harmful to your natural eyelashes or your eye. They do not put stress on the eyelash follicles or cause them to shed prematurely. Moreover, the adhesive used to apply them is safe to use and will not cause damage to your eyes or eyesight.

How To Get Elixir-Eyelashes?

The process is simple. All you have to do is make an appointment and show up on the appointed day. The service providers will do the rest. The procedure, which can take up to 2-3 hours depending on the type of eyelash extensions you want, is completely painless and uncomplicated. Once this procedure is done, you need to take a few precautions to make sure these extensions last for a long time, ensuring you get a good return on your money.

Caring for Your New Eyelash Set

To ensure that the process of getting the eyelash extensions is as easy, painless and efficient, it is important to keep these precautions in mind.

Avoid contact with water for at least 24 hours after getting your eyelash extensions.
Avoid using oil-based products.
Pat-dry after washing your face or shower.
Avoid rubbing your eyes or pulling your eyelash extensions.
Daily brush your new lashes.
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