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Accentuate your beautiful eyes…

Eyelash extensions are an ideal option for women looking to spice up their look or highlight their eyes with natural looking eyelashes. Unlike fake eyelashes, eyelash extensions appear natural, are easier to maintain, and are more cost-effective, as the extensions last for a longer period with proper care.

Quality products and Professional Services at very Affordable Prices!

Classic Set:  one by one individual synthetic lash extensions are placed onto each of your natural lashes creating a natural look and feel.  Takes approx 1.5 – 2 hrs.

Hybrid Set:  single lashes mixed with hand made fans, this creates a much fuller but still natural look. Takes approx 2 hrs.

Volume Set:  handmade synthetic fan extensions are placed onto each of your natural lashes creating a fuller, and much more dramatic look.  Takes approx 2.5 hrs.

All fills require a minimum of 40% retention, and must be within 4 weeks of your previous Elixir-Eyelash Extension set.  Sorry NO EXEPTIONS. Fills usually require 1 – 1.5 hrs

We only use superior synthetic lash extensions that are premium quality and light weight.  Our adhesive is also top quality and hypoallergenic!



•  Classic set         $75

•  Hybrid set          $95

•  Volume set        $125

Eyelash removal    $15

•  Classic fill         $55

•  Hybrid fill          $75

•  Volume fill        $95

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Depending on the thickness of your natural eyelashes and your desired effect, you can opt for a natural lookClassic Set,” our LavishVolume Set,” or the “Hybrid Set” which is the best of both worlds.  Lengh may also vary depending on the health and strengh of your natural lashes.

Common Misconceptions

Contrary to common belief, eyelash extensions are not harmful to your natural eyelashes or your eyes. They do not put stress on the eyelash follicles or cause them to shed prematurely. Moreover, the adhesive used to apply them is safe to use and will not cause damage to your eyes or eyesight.

about Daniela

I’m passionate about eyelashes.  I really enjoy what I do and the way women feel when they see themselves in the mirror after getting their lashes done!

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